Winter Bike Riding Tips

Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Cycling, Pripare | Comments Off on Winter Bike Riding Tips

ttronslien-9194If you have been cycling all year, you will know how rewarding cycling gives you. But then another season is coming that probably got you thinking; maybe it’s time to take a break from your bike for a while. It is okay to worry about your safety for the coming season but it is not at all something to fear about. It may seem intimidating riding through ice, snow and cold temperatures at first but once you get the hang of it you will realize how rewarding it will be. You never have to get stuck in the traffic (especially this coming Christmas and New Year), never have to wait for ice plowing trucks or paying for oil changes. The benefits are endless.

So with the right information, practice and precautions, you will be able to ride your bike this coming winter, equipped and ready.

Dress right – Perhaps one of the most important things this coming winter would be your clothes. Make sure to purchase valuable winter clothes. Having the right gears and clothes can get you prepared for what’s coming. Staying warm is one of the smartest ways when riding out, so let’s begin with the layers of your clothes.

  • Base – the purpose of base layer is to keep you warm and dry inside. Wear a layer that is not too thin or thick to keep you heated at the right temperature.
  • Outer – Waterproof and soft shell jackets are preferable in winter. Find one that keeps you dry and while still allowing portions of wind to enter.
  • Head – Look for a fleece beanie that can help warm up your head and ears. Just make sure it is the right size to fit inside your helmet.
  • Legs – If you’re comfortable wearing bib tights, wear one.
  • Gloves – Look for cycling gloves with strong grips that will help you grasp on slippery handlebars caused by snow.
  • Footwear – For cyclists, it’s best to use waterproof clipless shoes but if you don’t have one, wear a light hiking boots. Avoid wearing cotton socks as they tend to get warm and wet which will make you uncomfortable.

Ride with the right tires – It’s recommendable that you ride with wider tires. If you’re riding a mountain or a hybrid bike, then you’re in luck. It has more grips that can overcome the snow, grit and sands below. If you’re riding a different bike such as a road bike, there are few bike shops that offer to make slight changes regarding your tires, to make your experience in cycling a lot easier and safer.

Buy lights – It is suggested to get lights in your bike because your visibility to other vehicles is a lot worse when snowing or raining. The brightest rechargeable bike lights you can ever find would be the best. Just make sure the lights are built securely and positioned right so other people can see them easily.

Fenders – Your tires will surely throw snow up at you, so you’re going to need fenders. Fenders will protect you and your bike from unpleasant stuffs down under and will help you remain clean. Your fenders don’t have to be luxurious, choose one that is capable doing the job. Most fenders won’t fit other bikes, so it’s best to use clip-on fenders instead.

Take note, winter is only weather, so don’t let it halt you from cycling. Instead, welcome the challenge and embrace it.