Hybrid Bicycles

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Bike Design, Cycling | Comments Off on Hybrid Bicycles

DSC03298Confused as hell whether to purchase a road bike or a mountain bike? With the varieties of bicycles these days, getting confused is bound to happen. But no worries, the solution is right here: hybrid bikes. Maybe you’re thinking what hybrid bikes are? For those of you who don’t know, hybrid bikes are in some way a combination of mountain bikes and road bikes. It’s like getting two at once. Hybrid bikes are perfect for either paved or unpaved trails.

Maybe you’re still thinking why choose a hybrid bike? There are several reasons why you should.

  • Hybrids are one of the most comfortable bikes to travel on. They have flat and long handlebars which allow the rider to be in a much more cosy position. This is particularly helpful for people who hate getting shoulder, neck and back pains that are usually related when riding a road bike.
  • Hybrids are a great mixture of mountain and road bikes. They usually have large wheels that make cycling easier and faster on the road. Mountain bikes on the other hand are intended to grasp on rocky trails, which is great if you’re in a rocky trail, but makes it tougher when you ride on other type of roads. A hybrid bike is heavier than a road bike but tend to weigh less than a mountain bike.

Looking for a hybrid bike that is under on a budget isn’t that difficult but it will need a lot of your time, effort and knowledge. But first let’s get to the specifics. You might think that hybrid bikes just have one category, but you’re wrong. Hybrid bikes have several types that will cater to your specific need.

  • Sport hybrid bikes
    Best for: Grass, trail and road

    • Both created to work on either road or mountain. But is more likely shaped for rocky pavements than the smooth ones. They usually have strong brakes and wide tires. The frame is a hardtail but it is much relaxing and comfortable than a normal mountain bike.
  • IMG_5549Performance hybrid bikes
    Best for: Commuting on the road

    • Maybe you’re planning to use your bike more in the pavement than on a rocky surface? Then performance is the perfect hybrid bicycle for you. They are wired more onto smooth, road trails. Performance hybrids have marginally bigger tires than a normal road bike. The frame is less hostile than a road bike; however unlike other hybrids, performance hybrids don’t have suspension parts.
  • Comfort hybrid bikes
    Best for: Relaxed rides

    • Basically what every cyclist and riders want from a bike: a comfortable one. This bike features an upright position (like in a chair) that helps the rider feel a lot comfortable and stable. This is a great choice for a casual cyclist wanting a much more soothing ride.

Conclusion: Hybrid bikes are the bicycles to go to if you’re looking best of both worlds (road and mountain) while still maintaining cosiness and fun. These bikes are very popular worldwide because they are easier to ride and adaptable. But with the varieties of types around, it’s still smarter to choose wisely and reasonably. Think harder of what you really want and need.

Visiting a local bike store may be the best choice for you if you’re planning to buy a new bike. While it’s tempting to buy directly from the internet, it’s better to see the bicycles so you can test them personally for better selections.